The VesprSolar V-Clip is a new multi-functional, low cost PV module fastener that will drive ¾ of a cent per watt savings in utility-scale installation and maintenance costs

  • Ergonomic design makes PV module attachment 3-times faster than traditional bolted solutions 

  • Removes risks of system failure associated with torqueing issues

  • Provides integrated electrical bonding and wire management capabilities

  • The V-Clip has the potential to reduce utility-scale solar costs globally by $1.1 billion annually.

Fast, Secure, Reliable PV Module Attachment

VesprSolar is a solar hardware start-up focused on transforming the PV module attachment process to dramatically reduce labor costs. VesprSolar’s V-Clip is a Round 2 semifinalist for the American-Made Solar Prize*, recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and NREL as a top 20 innovation in solar.

Updated March 7, 2020
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