Today, PV modules are physically secured using conventional fasteners such as bolts, HuckBolts, and bolted clamps. While cheap, these conventional fasteners create many downstream issues...

Attachment is slow, costly, mistake prone, and requires ongoing maintenance (re-torqueing)

Installation errors and loose bolts can cause catastrophic system failures

Racking providers custom punch mounting holes in the rail to align with specific PV modules

“Technology that helps lower utility scale installation costs represents one of three major ways that the solar industry can continue to drive cost out of systems.”

U.S. Department of Energy on why it awarded VesprSolar $225K in grants and identified the VesprSolar V-Clamp as a top 10 innovation in solar

Introducing the VesprSolar V-Clamp

The V-Clamp is a 13-gram, steel spring based clamp that secures the PV module to the underlying rail

Extremely Fast,

Drives Massive Savings

More Secure

More Reliable


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